At Nielsen, we take seriously the role we can play in minimizing environmental impacts while maximizing environmental efficiencies and benefits. As a global measurement and data analytics company, our operations do not have very resource-intensive processes such as manufacturing plants or mines, and our physical footprint is primarily our data centers and data collection operations.

Given the pressing global issues of climate change and its increasing ramifications for social justice and equity, as well as dwindling natural resources globally, we know that we can and must continue to operate with the environment in mind. We seek to do this both in the course of our day-to-day business and by harnessing the power of data to help unlock new solutions to social and environmental challenges. We carefully assess our environmental impacts and risks—for example, through our formal Enterprise Risk Management process, our nonfinancial materiality assessment and a climate-specific risk analysis—and develop management systems, goals and programs to reduce our footprint and maximize our positive impacts.